den daglige flirt

Den daglige flirt – Lektie 15

Får du først fat om at knibe – er mulighederne uendelige. Flirt med din bækkebund i spil.

Mangler du inspiration ud over dag 15’s knibeøvelse, så mød her MamaGena Regena:

I am here to reclaim the eternal, grief-soaked majesty of the Feminine
— from within a culture that doesn’t know what that even means yet.

I am here to uphold the exquisite wholeness of women.

I am here to celebrate our darkness, our rage, and our grief.
And then, I am here to turn on our joy. 

I am here for our bodies — bruised, depleted, shamed, and worthy, right, perfect, beautiful, hot, wise. Alive.

I am here for orgasm and lust. 
For the virgin and the whore, who is all of us. 

And I am here for sisterhood. 

Thank you for being here with me.